October 21, 2008

Text funny - Analyzing women

1 to 5 years: The woman does not have the slightest idea of what it is.
5 to 10 years: You know that is different from boys, but does not understand why.
10 to 15 years: You know exactly why it is different and has begun to take advantage of it.
25 to 30 years: During this phase are 5 distinct groups:

G1-those married for money
The G2-who married for love
The G3-than married
The G4, which just married
The smart-G5

G1: discover that money is not everything in life, feel a lack of passion.
G2: find that passion is not everything in life, feel lack of money.
G3: no matter the money and passion, feel it is lack of a man.
G4: do not understand why married.
G5: Tuesday discover that intelligence is not everything in life.

30 to 35 years: You know exactly where mistakes and dyeing his hair from blond. Go to college.
35 to 40 years: Looking spiritual help.
40 to 45 years: Leave the help and spiritual seeking medical help, with analysts and plastic surgeons.
45 to 50 years: Thanks for your butt and belly surgeons returned to normal, their breasts were better than they were a passion and explodes on her analyst.
After the 50 years: Finally you discover, if accepted, and begins to live!

October 20, 2008

Petroleum Price Increase in Ecuador

With the oil stabilized between $ 80 and $ 90 is more than enough for the project "socialist Venezuela, said Chavez during the inspection of the construction of a rail system in central-north of the country.

The Venezuelan oil fell U.S. $ 13.78 this week and closed with an average price of $ 68, marked by international concern of a "slowdown of world oil demand before the prospects of a global recession," says the Ministry of Energy and Oil of Venezuela (MEP).

In the 2009 national budget, which must be approved by Parliament, the price of a barrel of oil was estimated at $ 60, well above the $ 35 planned for 2008 and lower than the average price of $ 100.19 recorded in that years the basket of Venezuelan oil.

Chavez also said that Venezuela "is (ready) to pay any price of oil" because his government managed to capitalize on numerous international reserves and resources binational funds. "Only in international reserves have $ 40 billion, and bilateral funds with China and Russia have another $ 40 billion," added the president of Venezuela.

After controversy, Iraqi dog adopted by U.S. military reaches the U.S.

The puppy Iraqi Ratchet reached this Monday (20) to the United States after a great controversy about his trip to the country. Gwen Beberg adopted by the military, which feared that if he were killed it in Iraq, he will now find a new home in the American state of Minnesota.

Ratchet arrived at Dulles Airport in Chantilly, Virginia, and must spend two days in a kennel before leaving for his new home in Minneapolis.

Bovespa rises 8.36% in days of optimism in the markets

In a day of unusual quiet in the markets in recent weeks, the Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo (Bovespa) closed the trading session this Monday (20) with strong high. Tracking the movement of foreign grants, the Ibovespa, the main indicator of the Sao Paulo stock exchange, had recovery of 8.36% at 39,441 points - reaching the highest level since last Tuesday when close to 41,569 points.

With the outcome of this second, the Ibovespa's losses since the beginning of the year was reduced to 38.26% - on Friday, the losses reached 43%.

October 14, 2008

Fall in the network pictures of Kirsten Dunst drunk in nightclub

Fell on the network this Tuesday, 13, photos of actress Kirsten Dunst during a ballad on the last day 7 in Los Angeles. The blonde, who plays the role of Mary Jane, from "Spider-Man" appears in pictures at the club La Poubelle (The trash, in French) visibly changed with some friends.

October 13, 2008

Daughter of Madonna already knows playing the piano

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Madonna, the singer's daughter, Lourdes Maria, decided to surprise her mother and all invited to play the piano a piece of theme music of Fame.

Madonna celebrated the 50th anniversary in the English club "Volstead", a luxurious night in the home district of Mayfair, central region of London in the company of 90 guests.

The children of pop star could not miss. In addition to Lourdes, the small Rocco and David Banda were also present at the celebration. Among the famous personalities considered close to Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney were the most noticed absences.

"It's a pity that the absence of certain people, but thank those who came and who have made it all happen. While I can not believe that reached the mark of half a century of life. It is something that occurs only once and I am happy for share it with you, "said Madonna during the festival.

The luxurious feast was organized by her husband of Madonna, Guy Ritchie, and cost about 127 thousand euros.

The behavior of celebrities may end up with contracts millionaires

The famous luxury house of Christian Dior is the latest company to have learned its lesson, having signed away from Sharon Stone as the face for its line of skin care products in China, after the actress Tuesday publicly declared that the devastating earthquake was result of "bad karma" from the country's sad record on human rights in Tibet.

Of course, Stone is not alone. For every Tiger Woods, a Kobe Bryant. In the wake of allegations that the basketball star of the Los Angeles Lakers had violated a young man of 19 years, its image has been withdrawn from major campaigns McDonald's and nutella. The Nike retained the contract with Kobe, but began to use it less. The charges were eventually withdrawn.

The supermodel Kate Moss lost advertising campaigns with H & M, Burberry and Chanel after the British tabloids have reported in the autumn of 2005 she allegedly consumed cocaine. Since then, Kate Moss and reconquered recovered an impressive array of advertising contracts, including one with Burberry. Bryant and Moss recovered fairly quickly, but the lessons are.

Regardless of how ideal it may seem an advertising contract with a celebrity for a specific brand, nobody can predict what can happen then.

At a time when we live in a culture based on celebrities, it is difficult to find a launch of a new product that does not have a great name attached to them. All people want to be like the beautiful people, doing what they do and wear what they wear. But where there are opportunities, the danger also watching.

"The truth is that all people say and do stupid things," states Noreen JENNEY, president of Celebrity Endorsement Network based in Los Angeles. What is wrong with celebrities is that the news flow quickly. "Mal just say one thing and now walks through the mouths of the world. It's not that they do something that the rest of the world do not, what happens is that when they say something, the world is listening to."

Given this scenario, Dior's contract with Sharon Stone concluded in the autumn of 2005 seemed the perfect marriage. Still sexy at 47 years, Stone was an ideal model for the Capture line of anti-aging cream company.

Claude Martinez, President and CEO of Parfums Christian Dior, told Vogue at that time that "Sharon Stone was chosen by the charm which have spread worldwide as a slim and attractive women in their 40, who is intelligent and independent."

Maybe too smart and independent. Dior had to go the way of damage control after the comments from Stone at the Cannes Film Festival, issuing an apology and withdraw it immediately from their ads in China.

The Chinese authorities said they will ban all her films in the country, and posters with his picture were allegedly torn from citizens in fury. Ironically, Stone has just reported that it will buy a house in the Chinese Riviera with her boyfriend who will serve as a basis for their journeys around the world. "

The frankness of celebrities in advertising contracts have a disadvantage in relation to finance. The Dixie Chicks learned that lesson five years ago when the popular country music band has a large decline in sales of albums and tickets for the concert after one of them have told a London audience shortly after the start of the war in Iraq, which were "ashamed" by President Bush be originating from your home state, the Texas.

The sponsor of his tour, the Lipton, withdrew a television ad that had planned and dropped the plans he had to use the images of the band in bags of rice, although the company has continued to give his name to the tour.

"Nobody wants to see his name tarnished with the brushstrokes of political celebrities," says Robert Passikoff, president of BrandKeys, a firm assessment of marks, with regard to the problems of Dior with Sharon Stone. "Especially when the position can not be defended." The lessons for marketers: Buyer, beware.

For the guys in advertising contracts, Michael Jordan is more a lesson. At any one time asked him why they avoided supporting a Democratic candidate for the Senate who tried to rob the place the Conservative Jesse Helms in North Carolina, and he gave an answer that has become famous "the Republicans also buy tennis."